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Drive More Ticket Sales With Facebook Advertising

Learn how to drive more ticket sales with Facebook advertising. This article will provide a simple yet powerful approach to advertising on Facebook so you can dominate the ticket sales lifecycle.

We’ve put together a simple guide to help you align all of your campaign details. Our guide will help ensure that you’re targeting the right audience with the right ad at the right time to help you sell more tickets.

The Simple Guide for Creating & Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

Paid advertising is the best channel for events to reach their audiences on Facebook after last year’s drop in organic reach.

There are 5 crucial elements that must be in place to create the best performing Facebook ads:

  1. Speak to the right audience. Using the Facebook’s insights, you can find out the distribution of audience demographics such as gender, age group, and geographical location.
  2. Experiment with different placements and formats. Facebook offers different ad placements within a users’ newsfeed and different formats like images and auto-play videos.
  3. Be aware of Facebook’s ad policies. You can find out more about their ad policies here.
  4. Define Your Goals. Cleary map out what you’re trying to accomplish with your marketing campaign.
  5. Get Good Creatives. The best Facebook ads are a highly visual experience and creatives are important for all aspects of event promotion.

Choosing an objective.

Before getting started, Facebook Ads Manager will prompt you to choose an objective for your campaign:

Choose the objective that aligns with your marketing goals. Once you select your objective, Facebook will display the ad option that makes the most sense in terms of achieving this objective.

Choosing an audience.

If you’re having difficulty between choosing a niche audience over a broad one, consider your objective. If you’re looking to drive traffic, you’ll probably want to focus on the type of people you know will be interested in your offering keeping the audience to around 100,000. However, if you’re looking to build brand awareness or promote an offer to a wide range of people, you should focus on a more general audience near the area your event is taking place.

Pro tip: Check out Facebook’s ad targeting options and learn how to show your ads to the people who care about your event.

Determine your budget.

Setup how much you want to spend by deciding whether to run a daily budget (the amount you enter is the maximum you’ll spend each day) or lifetime budget (the amount you enter is the maximum you’ll spend during the lifetime of your ad set).


Do you want your campaign to run immediately & continuously or do you want to customize the start and end dates?

Optimization & Pricing:


You can choose standard or accelerated delivery. Standard delivery is the preferred option for most advertisers. Accelerated delivery can be useful for promoting time-sensitive events and quickly reaching a target audience. It’s important to note that manual bid pricing is required for accelerated delivery.

Creating Your Ad.

How do you want your ad to look? Facebook provides a helpful resource on their Facebook Ads Guide page to make sure you’re adhering to their guidelines.

Measure Your Performance.

When you start running ads, you can go to Facebook’s Ads Manager to see how they’re performing, make changes, get reports and more.

Your Ticketing Software.

If you’re working with Xorbia Tickets you can use our referral links to track ticket sales from each of your ads. Facebook advertising also provides pixels that you can install throughout the conversion process so you can track how your ads perform directly from your Facebook Ad’s Manager. If you have any questions about using referral codes for your event URL or utilizing Facebook advertising contact a ticketing expert today.

Resources: Step-by-step Guide to Advertising on Facebook via Hubspot & Essential Elements of the Best Facebook Ads via Hootsuite

Updated on August 1st, 2015